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"Jenie"  "Rapser" "Stick "

The official exporter of TM "Agratys" represents a wide range of products of cosmetic and household cleaning products from the manufacturer.

1. The quality of products that are exported for TM "Agratys" is provided by the personal control, experience and impeccable work of a whole team of professionals at  ltd" Diaz Gold" for 20 years.

2. Impeccable quality, appearance, modern packaging and packaging meet all the requirements of world standards.

3. The company has a lot of advanced developments, original solutions, patents and useful models, original ideas that are realized with the help of the mysticism of hand-made products.

4. Applying the latest products in the form of cleaning products, you will get real satisfaction from the magic of their action.

5. By purchasing our products marked with "Agratys" trade mark you get guaranteed high quality and strength of our energy.

6. We are always open to dialogue and are ready to consider any variants of mutually beneficial and useful cooperation on an ongoing basis

7. Quality is above all.


1. High quality and low price from the manufacturer

2. All products are produced in Ukraine

3. For wholesale partners, a flexible system of discounts

Descaling agent in kettles and coffee makers.

The "Jenie" remover is intended for descaling in conventional and electric kettles, coffee makers, coffee machines, steam irons, as well as in any water heating tanks.

Special composition of the "Jenie" means removing scum, contributes to the saving of electricity, increase the service life of household appliances.

Only one packet of the "Jenie" means will allow cleaning even the old stale scum. Quickly and easily you will return your electrical appliances to novelty and efficiency.

You will again taste the taste of your favorite drink without the taste of scale and plaque, and your heating appliances will work like a clock.

Net weight: 20 g ± 9%.

fast delivery to any country

Payment with VISA / MasterCard 

medium and large wholesale


Pencil for cleaning the surface of irons.

Do you need to quickly clean the iron from the deposit? Means "Rapser" - Pencil for cleaning the surface of irons will always help! It is ideal for cleaning absolutely any surfaces of soles of irons, including surfaces with Teflon coating.

Instantly removes dirt, carbon deposits, adherent pieces of fabric and any other impurities. You no longer need to spend a lot of time cleaning up or running to the store for a new iron.

Pencil "
Rapser" will do all the work for you!
The main advantages of pencil "
ease of use;
result in 2 minutes !;
No adhesion and clinging to the fabric;
The pencil does NOT contain abrasive ingredients and gently removes dirt, NOT damaging the soleplate of the iron;
prolongs the life of the iron.
Net weight: 20 g ± 9%.s.

fast delivery to any country

Payment with VISA / MasterCard 

medium and large wholesale

Iron cleaning

"Stick "

Found a spot on the new dress? Favorite shirt soiled, and the stain could not be removed? You are guaranteed to help "Stick " - a tool for removing stains on tissues.

Now you can clean absolutely any thing, because the "Jinn" displays stains from all types of fabric: synthetics and natural fabrics.

The "Stick " remedy is used to effectively remove stains from fat, all kinds of oils, diesel fuel, other petroleum products, stains from greens, berries, fruits, juices, mayonnaise, ketchup, wine, sugar, coffee, tea, blood, perfumes, creams, lipstick, as well as ink ballpoint pens, stains from markers, markers, oil paint and others, from all kinds of natural and synthetic fabrics: cotton, satin, wool, corduroy, velvet, linen, elastic, suede, nylon, viscose, nylon, lavsan, knitwear, curtain fabric, carpet surfaces, costume fabric, lining, upholstery, etc.

The "Stick " remedy is safe and secure for your things: it does not damage the fibers of the fabric and retains its color. And also does not contain toxic substances and is suitable for washing children's things.

Net weight: 20 g ± 9%.

fast delivery to any country

Payment with VISA / MasterCard 

medium and large wholesale